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Branding Con Edison – Not what you do but why you do it

Zeitgeist spotted this van – with virtually no other branding – in New York while there last month. It’s a nice, simple proposition from Con Edison and it speaks of trust, reliance and dependability.  The branding has been around for a while, but the company’s been around for much longer. They’ve got a good legacy and can now leverage it. It goes back to a TED video by Simon Sinek that we’ve brought up before, about people using your services not because of what you do but because of why you do it. It’s a philosophy. And in case you think you don’t know who Con Edison are, you do…

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

While the Jubilee weekend drags itself ever onwards into yet another day, and we witness a smaller version of the chaos the impending Olympics will bring, those of you in need of some intellectual stimulation and insight could do worse than to check out this old TEDx video, touching on, in essence, how companies must orient their strategy, and how they should communicate to their customers if they want to be successful at what they do. The talk is given by one Simon Sinek, and is well worth the listen. Enjoy. With thanks to SM for sending this our way.

(UPDATE 4/10/12: Harvard Business Review published an article yesterday online using this talk as a way of getting buy-in from executives for social media, i.e. thinking about the why, not the what.)