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We all scream for Anya Hindmarch

Recently, as London began to reveal its true beauty in the summertime, part of the Zeitgeist entity popped over to an event at the Anya Hindmarch flagship on Sloane Street. Glow Urban Spa had set up shop within the boutique, and the purpose of the day was to give customers a tour of the new collection, a free manicure and – what Zeitgeist was really concerned with – free, delicious ice cream. It was a well-orchestrated event, but most importantly it was also one that had an incredibly laid back feel. This was not an aberration.

Speaking to a shop assistant, Zeitgeist learned that all the brand’s events are like this, and that Anya herself tries to cultivate an aura of relaxed elegance and luxury. This, as opposed to some of the other stores that sit on the same street, which were described as “antiseptic”. Hindmarch, the store and the person, make a conscious effort to court and keep the customer. They rightly feel that a condescending tone does not help foster fidelity. It’s something that other luxury brands could borrow from; you don’t have to be patronising and cold in order to be elite. And as the local mothers drifted in around 4pm having picked up their children from school, as sons strained to pick their ice cream flavour and daughters giggled while their nails were done, Zeitgeist imagined that this must have been just the sort of atmosphere Anya was aiming for.

Magnum Opus in Digital Activation

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Zeitgeist is fast running out of places to dispose of the bodies of clients and colleagues who blithely ask ‘Can we just do something with Facebook?’, ‘Why don’t we just make an app?’ or ‘Let’s do something viral!’ with no thought for what could actually be done or how it would fit into a larger strategic picture.

So, when we see a clever piece of digital activation supporting a larger campaign, it’s only right and proper that we highlight and celebrate it – particularly when the product it is promoting suggests that summer is on the way.

We recently chanced upon this offering from Magnum announcing the availability of Magnum Gold which places ordinary people in a spoof trailer directed by the celebrated Bryan Singer and co-starring none other than Academy Award winning Benicio del Toro and the lovely Caroline Correa. The trailer, based on the cinema version below, shows the three protagonists breaking into a vault to steal 75 million Magnum Golds because they couldn’t wait a day for them to appear in the shops.

Users simply upload their photograph and the app renders their face onto a third character who appears in the film.

The end product is pretty slick and can be shared on the usual social media sites along with downloadable customised movie posters.

When Zeitgeist added their own versions to their Facebook pages they rapidly attracted several approving comments and resulted in friends making their own versions – and the cycle was repeated. Viral box emphatically checked.

The site, which is supported by multiple languages is all part of a £3million campaign including TV, cinema, outdoor advertising, PR, in-store and on-pack promotions. While to some this might seem an expensive way to raise awareness of your ice cream, high profile brand ambassadors are nothing new to Magnum variants who have been promoted in the past by the likes of Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes and with Unilever claiming NPD saw the brand grow 10% last year it’s not surprise they stuck to a tried and tested formula.

So, for having the guts to make something so original and well executed, Zeitgeist is happy to help spread the word that the delicious Magnum Gold is out now.