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Campari’s breath of fresh air

Zeitgeist has a bit of a soft spot for that lovely libation that is Campari. The bitter spirit is hardly known at all in this country, despite a push in years past both here and in the US with some excellent print ads (see above). Last week, Zeitgeist went into a very respectable sports club to ask at the bar for a Campari and orange, only to be greeted with incredulity by the ingenue of a bartender serving him. Campari is not only not cool in this country, it is not known.

It was refreshing then to hear of a little activation campaign in Milan – home of Davide Campari – that featured the “aperitivo three ways 1. Straight drink 2. Solid form – alcoholic jellies moulded like italian design classics 3. Gas – a vast breathable cloud of Campari.” The wonderful blog NOTCOT has the lowdown. It’s great to see a brand creating a cool event around appreciating the product in a different way, not just sponsoring some party at some club-of-the-week.