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We all scream for Anya Hindmarch

Recently, as London began to reveal its true beauty in the summertime, part of the Zeitgeist entity popped over to an event at the Anya Hindmarch flagship on Sloane Street. Glow Urban Spa had set up shop within the boutique, and the purpose of the day was to give customers a tour of the new collection, a free manicure and – what Zeitgeist was really concerned with – free, delicious ice cream. It was a well-orchestrated event, but most importantly it was also one that had an incredibly laid back feel. This was not an aberration.

Speaking to a shop assistant, Zeitgeist learned that all the brand’s events are like this, and that Anya herself tries to cultivate an aura of relaxed elegance and luxury. This, as opposed to some of the other stores that sit on the same street, which were described as “antiseptic”. Hindmarch, the store and the person, make a conscious effort to court and keep the customer. They rightly feel that a condescending tone does not help foster fidelity. It’s something that other luxury brands could borrow from; you don’t have to be patronising and cold in order to be elite. And as the local mothers drifted in around 4pm having picked up their children from school, as sons strained to pick their ice cream flavour and daughters giggled while their nails were done, Zeitgeist imagined that this must have been just the sort of atmosphere Anya was aiming for.

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