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Dieselling out

Zeitgeist will never, ever buy anything from Diesel. That said, it has enjoyed some of its advertising over the years, not least of which the Global Warming Ready campaign, which generated oodles of almost entirely favourable press coverage. An example ad is featured above, as exotic parrots find a new home in Venice’s Piazza San Marco.

Last week, brandchannel ran an article excoriating the new Diesel campaign. The manner and style of the article alluded to a writer who was alternatively, angered, frustrated and depressed by such moves, and backs up these emotions with a spot-on justification for what is wrong with the ads, all of which are featured in the article. The campaign in question is based on the insight, Zeitgeist supposes, that a great many people do not purchase sneakers for anything that might ever hope to be called physical exercise. Hence the copy “Not made for running. (Great for kicking asses)”. This could have been executed very well, with annoying bosses, ex-boy/girlfriends, parents etc., all in line for their humorous comeuppance. Instead the campaign is for the most part far too generic, if anything targeting overweight people. Of the series of advertisements featured in the brandchannel article, only one [see below] caught Zeitgeist’s eye as barely escaping the baseness of its peers; vaguely humorous, subversive and irreverent. Your thoughts?

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