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Spinning the wheel of anonymity

Chatroulette is big. BIG. French Connection have recently leaped into the fray. It reminds Zeitgeist of the olden days of chatting with various random people on walled gardens like CompuServe with complete anonymity. However, as eConsultancy reports, that veil of anonymity is about to be lifted. Chatroulettemap.com was recently set up, displaying the location of the user and their images, using their IP address. As the article points out,

“The privacy and security implications of this are obvious. The fact that the average internet user probably doesn’t know what an IP address is or how it can be used only makes the situation worse, as individuals who may otherwise be inclined not to participate join the fun not knowing that they could be identified and tracked down.”

Zeitgeist – enduring various men doing disgusting things – has had the pleasure of using Chatroulette to chat with a photographer in New York who shoots for ad agencies that include the blessed Ogilvy, as well as inquisitive Frenchwomen and dancing Canadians. It all feels a bit weird though, and something not far removed from the masque sequence in “Eyes Wide Shut”.

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