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Riding the Unicorn

Finding the right partner to help you reach a new audience can be a tricky business. Yet sometimes a perfect union happens by pure chance.

For example, British synthpop duo Erasure probably weren’t expecting their catchy 1994 tune  ‘Always’ to be given a new lease of life by a simple, yet addictive (if Zeitgeist’s colleagues can be used as test cases) game called Robot Unicorn Attack. Yet the game (you have been warned, it is addictive) is proving immensely popular and the song is taking root in the heads of a new generation who weren’t around to hear it 16 years ago and maybe even a few older heads that had forgotten it.

The song will now inevitably creep up the charts as people download it adding unexpected royalties to the groups coffers and generating some welcome interest in the rest of their ouevre.

Proof of the influence the game has had can be found on YouTube where all the videos of the song are now cluttered with strange comments about unicorns and new dedicated videos are being uploaded.

Strange then that brands seem so reluctant to launch such online games and enjoy the associated good feeling.

  1. March 8, 2010 at 4:56 am

    Thank you for this rundown, I make an effort to post everything I can on my site about great music.

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