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“Lost” opportunity

Interesting article last month from Reuters. Those innovative folks at Disney have previously crafted interesting virals for the TV show “Lost”. Recently they created an intricate and delicate campaign to pique the interest of the uber-nerd ahead of the new season’s premiere (the show’s last season on the air). This included select scenes from the show that had not yet been seen – all TV spots for the new season used footage from previous years – which the ABC network hoped would then go very, very viral.

The reaction, that fans would rather wait until they could experience the show in full in all its HD glory, was very surprising. The entire episode was uploaded to YouTube by a few people when it premiered early in Hawaii – where a friend of Zeitgeist was in attendance – but this too drew paltry views. The presumption was that big fans of the show would be desperate for any crumbs the network might scatter their way. The insight was that big fans of the show enjoy it so much they would rather wait to experience the show as an event, than see a clip or low-quality recording a week early.

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