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Talk Talk to offer over 65’s a Chat Chat

In the saturated market of telecoms, brands really do need to work hard to differentiate themselves. Consumers are spoilt for choice, with companies with broadband and TV heritage offering a range of enticing bundles that conceal the costs of individual services.

To stand out, one such package provider, Talk Talk, has launched a novel initiative called ‘We’ll Call You‘ whereby staff volunteer to ring up elderly customers once a week for a five minute chat.

One the face of it, one can be cynical as whether it is just a publicity stunt and there will be plenty of pensioners who will claim that they have a wide circle of friends and no need for such a service.

That said, Talk Talk claim there are over four million over 65’s living alone in the UK and the fragmentation in society suggests that a number of them will appreciate someone to chat to.

Talk Talk are keen to state that the service will never be used to sell a product or service and that their staff are not counsellors, nor are they attempting to take over from social services or charities.

“We’re not trying to replace social services and charities but our research shows that the service we’re providing meets a need which is not currently being met.” confirmed communications director Mark Schmid.

No information was available as to how many over 65’s were Talk Talk customers and the service is initially only available to 50 applicants – around 0.001% of the aforementioned four million – which suggests things would have to be scaled up considerably to make a real difference and deflect accusations of gimmickry.

Quite whether a commercial enterprise should be required to provide such a social service at all is a topic for debate, but in the meantime, if it improves the lives of some of our elderly citizens then it should be welcomed.

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